A workshop with Tangentyere Women’s Family Safety Group to develop the Transitioning Housing Program

Our Work Notes from the Field


The Equality Institute recognises the dedication, strength and leadership of Aboriginal and Torres Islander people and communities in their work to end violence against women and girls. We are excited to be partnering with Aboriginal controlled organisations in the Northern Territory in support of the good work already under way. It is our hope that through genuine collaboration and deep listening, we can amplify strengths-based solutions and be an effective ally to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


One of the projects we are excited to share with you is the development of the Transitioning housing program in Mparntwe/Alice Springs. The program is being developed in a series of collaborative workshops with the Tangentyere Women’s Family Safety Group (TWFSG), Central Australian Affordable Housing Company and the Domestic Violence Specialist Children's Service.

The transitional housing program aims to work with senior Aboriginal women and young Aboriginal families so that they can have the confidence and ability to move into their own homes within 18 months.

The aim of the pictured workshop was to develop a mechanism for TWFSG to provide cultural advice to the transitional housing program as well as to allocate the roles and responsibilities of the staff and stakeholders involved in the program.

Through a collaborative artwork process, the participants also developed key ground rules they deem important for a safe and violence-free residential environment, as well as develop key ways of working to promote cultural safety, respect, and celebration of culture. See some photos of the workshop below -taken with the permission of the participants-.