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As you may know, from 31st March 2021, organisations within the Victorian public sector (as understood by the list of defined entities) must complete a Gender Impact Assessment of ANY and ALL new policies, programs and services that impact the public, as well as those up for review. This is part of your obligations under the Gender Equality Act 2020.


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My organisation has to do a Gender Impact Assessment! Now what?

A gender impact assessment must assess the effects that the policy, program or service may have on people of different genders; explain how the policy, program or service will be changed to better support Victorians of all genders and promote gender equality, and; where practical, apply an intersectional approach to consider how gender inequality can be compounded by disadvantage or discrimination that a person may experience on the basis of other factors such as age, disability, or ethnicity.

We at The Equality Institute have supported the development and design of the GIA Toolkit and are pleased to announce that we have been appointed to the Panel of Service Providers to provide tailored support to entities carrying out this work.

We know this can be a difficult task to undertake, especially in these early stages. We’re here to help!

Want to find out more about your organisation’s obligations?

The Gender Equality Act 2020 requires organisations, local councils and universities in the Victorian public sector to develop and implement a Gender Equality Action Plan every four years in order to achieve workplace gender equality. You will need to submit your first Gender Equality Action Plan by 31st October 2021. We can support you in developing your Gender Equality Action Plan and strategies, as well as in undertaking evaluations. Contact us today to get started.