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Content note: Readers, especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, are warned that the...

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Photograph of a White person holding a fragmentated shard of mirror in their hand, which shows a reflection of their eye. The rest of the image is blurred, so we can't see the background.

Confronting uncomfortable truths

Our Work / 23.02.2023

What we’ve been learning from attempting to decolonise our research practice.

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A photo of the 'Welcome to Alice Springs' sign with the Tangentyere Council flag hanging. Behind the sign are rolling hills with ochre and shrubbery.

Content note: Domestic, family, and sexual violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander...

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A photograph of the back of a man wearing an expensive-looking grey blazer standing in front of a piece of colonial art depicting lots of men in historical clothing.

“For feminist decolonial scholars, our positionality is the embodied pivot from which our...

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A watercolour painting-style photograph of a Black mum and her Middle Eastern partner and their mixed race children. They are all laughing and playing happily, whilst the two mums hug. Around the image are some splashes of blue that look like a watercolour painting.

Last month, the Australian government unveiled the National Plan to End Violence Against Women and...

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A photograph of Dr Emma Fulu talking with peers at the Future Women event, Budgeting For Success.

Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers delivered his first budget last week, setting the scene for the...

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