We deliver transformative education to nurture stronger and more inclusive organisations, leaders and movements. Through holistic (and fun) learning approaches and support, we support organisations and individuals in their commitment to lead positive social change.


Equality at Work

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Equality at Work

Our evidence-based and feminist-informed e-learning courses are designed by those at the forefront of intersectionality, research, creative communications, feminist leadership and design, to meet learners where they’re at.

The Gender Equality Foundations Course helps learners:

• Understand what gender is and how we learn about gender
• How gender inequality impacts all people’s lives, including our lives at work
• What gender equality actually looks like and its benefits
• How to advance gender equality

Our Inclusive Language Course helps learners:

• Understand how language shapes the world we live in
• Understand the impact of inclusive and exclusive language
• Build confidence in using inclusive language
• Foster courage to have difficult conversations

Our Diversity and Inclusion Foundations Course helps learners:

• Understand diversity, inclusion, equity, equality and intersectionality and how these can shape individuals, workplace culture and practices
• Build knowledge of what inclusion looks like in practice.
• Foster courage and confidence to incorporate inclusion and diversity across an organisation and ask the right questions when you don’t know.
• Build a culture of inclusion, a celebration of diversity, and empathy and respect for all people.

Gender Equality Act Workplace Training

We provide bespoke support to a range of public entities to advance gender equality in the workplace in compliance with the Gender Equality Act (2020).

We work closely with Victorian entities to develop bespoke training tailored to their identified needs and strengthen their capacity. No matter where you're at in your journey, we take a relational approach to understand your existing strengths and opportunities for improvement. This includes initial diagnostic assessments and co-designed action plans to help implement positive change for your organisation.

Gender Impact Assessments are a way of critically thinking about how policies, programs, and services will meet the different needs of women, men and gender-diverse people. We deliver training on why GIAs are important, and how to undertake them, as well as training on how to create an enabling environment for GIAs with resulting actions plans.

This comprehensive Training of Trainers package includes everything you need to deliver Gender Impact Assessment (GIA) training within your organisation. It includes:

  • 100+ page facilitation guidebook, including comprehensive lesson plans, tips, resources, case studies, and more
  • Two-day workshop facilitated by EQI to run through the guidebook and training package
  • 2 hours* consultation time with EQI experts for check-ins and guidance throughout the process
  • Editable slide deck ready to adapt for your training
  • Exercise sheet to build your team’s facilitation skills

We deliver masterclasses on key topics related to gender equality in the workplace, including intersectionality in the workplace and gender equality through the employee life cycle. These masterclasses are targeted to specific audiences such as HR, people and culture staff, and people managers, and include practical tips and learnings to support teams and individuals in taking action.

Equality at Work White Paper

Most diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are failing. Here’s what to do instead.

But all of this attention is tokenistic (and, not to mention, opportunistic) if it’s not backed up by real change. The truth is if we’re not willing to talk about the systemic nature of power and oppression and how this plays out in our workplaces, we’ll fail to address the underlying issues, and whatever we do, it simply won’t work.

Download our Equality at Work White Paper to access actionable tips on where to begin, today. Access it here.

'Challenging Power in the Boardroom' Thought Paper

“Isn’t intersectionality just identity politics on steroids?” Uh, no, there's way more to it than that.

This paper clears the conceptual cloud surrounding intersectionality, busts many of the myths around it and offers practical ideas on how to use it as a powerful tool for change in the workplace.

Ready to challenge power in the boardroom? Access it here.