Djirra Young Luv Instagram Campaign

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Djirra and The Equality Institute worked together to design and deliver a launch campaign to kickstart the Young Luv Instagram account.

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iPhone showing on their screens three of the most engaging content of the Young Luv Instagram account.


Young Luv is a workshop for young Aboriginal girls, aged 13-18, to prevent violence against women and girls, and build personal and cultural strength. The campaign was developed and designed in close collaboration to build the Young Luv Instagram community.


The primary audience of the campaign was young Aboriginal women, aged 15-18 years old, based in Victoria, while also speaking to young Aboriginal women across Australia.


We worked in close collaboration with the team at Djirra to design a visual identity and Instagram campaign, as well as create content for their feed and stories, primarily based on their Young Luv workshop content and speaking to a range of content pillars. This included educational carousel posts on topics such as gaslighting, healthy and unhealthy relationships, gender-based violence and emotional abuse, alongside inspirational posts on topics like self-love and personal and cultural strength, and community-based posts celebrating Young Aunties.

  • Ultimately the campaign was designed to speak to a Gen Z audience, while being down to earth and community-focused, prioritising opportunities for connection.
Two Instagram post of the Young Luv account talking about healthy relationships and consent.


The campaign aimed to empower the next generation of matriarchs; support young Aboriginal women in connecting with oneself, their culture and communities; provide a support network to learn from and go to for advice; and educate and engage young Aboriginal women to better understand violence against women and how to identify unhealthy relationships and controlling behaviours.