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U Right Sis?

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U Right Sis? is a three-year primary prevention project aimed at changing harmful attitudes and beliefs about technology-facilitated abuse in Central Australia. Technology-facilitated abuse is when technology, like phones, computers, and social media are used to harm, control, or threaten another person. We work with communities to promote healthy relationships, increase digital literacy, and prevent technology-facilitated abuse.

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Six workshop participants sit on cushions and a couch watching a tv screen. They have paper pads and pens around them and look deep in thought.
Photo of workshop participants making posters at Galiwin’ku Women’s Space, translating resources into Yolŋu Matha.


U Right Sis? has four central aims:

  1. To increase digital literacy to enhance online safety for Aboriginal women.
  2. To challenge attitudes and beliefs which dismiss or condone technology-facilitated abuse.
  3. To raise awareness of technology-facilitated abusive behaviours so that frontline services, Aboriginal women and communities, are better able to identify, support, and respond to it.
  4. To promote healthy relationships and challenge ‘jealousing’* as an acceptable behaviour.


We work with communities to increase knowledge and understanding of how to identify and respond to technology-facilitated abuse. We also work alongside communities to promote healthy relationships and increase digital literacy, so that everyone can use technology free from abusive and controlling behaviours.

Use technology in a good way! Image of mountains, sky and clouds. There is a pink phone which reads: Good way [tick]: connecting with family and friends, support, respect and listen to each other and to elders, video calls, and share stories
A carousel post from the U Right Sis? Instagram account.


The U Right Sis? project focuses on remote communities across Central Australia. We have so far conducted in-person workshops in the following communities:

  • Mparntwe (Alice Springs)
  • Tennant Creek
  • Galiwin’ku

Workshops will continue throughout the year across these communities:

  • NPY Lands
  • Ti Tree
  • Amoonguna
  • Ntaria
U Right Sis logo. Our year wrapped. In 2022: we worked with 3 partners, travelled 1500km+ to train 78 people in 8 workshops across 6 communities and designed 10 posters.
A summary of the U Right Sis? project's achievements in 2022.


We work in partnership with Kunga Stopping Violence Program and Women’s Safety Services of Central Australia to develop and deliver educational workshops on technology-facilitated abuse in Central Australian communities. From these workshops, we co-develop resources alongside these communities in the form of culturally-safe and place-based posters.

We run two social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) and at the end of the project, we will be developing an animation that has specific relevance to the experiences and context of Aboriginal women in the Northern Territory.

We also have an online shop selling tee-shirts and tote bags, with all profits supporting the U Right Sis? project and providing clothing for the communities in which we work.

Janie and her grandson sit at a desk with a computer in front of them. They are looking at the camera. Next to them is a photo of Roxane and her niece sitting at a desk with a computer, watching AFL. They have turned their back on the computer to look at the camera.
Photo of Janie and her grandson making use of the computers at Kunga Stopping Violence Program. Janie loves making photo montages and putting them up on Facebook.
Photo of Roxanne and her niece watching AFL on the shared computer at Kunga Stopping Violence Program.


U Right Sis? focuses on empowering communities with the knowledge and skills they need to identify and seek help for technology-facilitated abuse. The project takes a strengths-based approach to talk about healthy relationships and share tips about online safety. We believe that everyone deserves to use technology freely, creatively and without harm!