Two young people form diverse racial backgrounds marching peacefully for gender equality

The Equality Institute

We are a global feminist agency working to advance gender equality and end violence against women and girls.

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Our vision

A world in which diversity is celebrated, all people are respected, and power and resources are shared.

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A muslim woman sitting in a blue ball looking at a globe of the world dreaming about an equal world

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Research & Learning

A doctor talking to a female patient about sexual and reproductive health

We promote shared learning and work to build the evidence base to better understand and address violence against women and girls in the Asia-Pacific region and globally.

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Creative Communications

Illustration of a coloured woman holding a large megaphone demanding for equal rights

We offer creatives services and produce cutting edge multi-media content to transform social norms, drive more effective research uptake and advocate for prevention.

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Policy & Advocacy

A Black men walking pass a young woman walking in the opposite direction

Through strategic engagement and advocacy, including gender impact assessments and evaluations, we shape policy and practice, in Australia and internationally.

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20 Countries And Counting

Global Impact

We work all over the world, across multiple sectors and within governments, local and international NGOs, academia, multi-lateral agencies and with donors.

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Latest Projects

Illustrated footsteps across a blue background. An illustrated coolamon and a concentric dot painting. All adapted from artwork by Shirleen Nampajinpa Campbell.

We are excited to present our 5-Year Northern Territory Strategic Plan (NT Strategic Plan). The NT Strategic Plan supports EQI's overarching mission to advance gender equality and end violence against women and girls, and aligns with our 5-Year...

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Venn diagram of equally-overlapping circles. One labelled

Violence against children in Timor-Leste and consequences on adult health and exposure to adversity

The Equality Institute (EQI) was engaged by Nabilan to conduct a Secondary Data Analysis of Nabilan Baseline Survey Data looking at violence against children in Timor-Leste and its consequences of adult health and experiences, and perpetration, of...

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A group photo of the BAHM participants, some kneeling and some sitting down. They are smiling and all holding a bright yellow sunflower.

Bin-Alin Hakbi’it Malu (Sisters Empowering Each Other) Feminist Leadership Pilot

In Dili, Timor-Leste, EQI has piloted a new feminist leadership incubator, providing a transformational space of co-learning and self- and collective-care.

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11 members of the Tangentyere Women's Family Safety Group posing on a hike at Kings Canyon, some are standing and others sit. Trees and rocks surround them. They look happy.

The Tangentyere Women's Family Safety Group 2022 Annual Retreat

As part of the three-year “Tangentyere Collective Care project”, in April 2022, EQI facilitated a four day self-and collective-care retreat with the Tangentyere Women’s Family Safety Group.

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Research Priorities and Pathways for Progress

Research Priorities and Pathways for Progress: Mapping the Global Shared Research Agenda Against Australia's National Research Agenda was produced by The Equality Institute, in consultation with Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's...

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The Tangentyere Women's Family Safety Group, with community champions and partners from Larapinta Child and Family Centre, Tangentyere Learning Centre, Connected Beginnings, and The Equality Institute. Photo taken at the launch of the research report on November 10th 2021 in Mparntwe/Alice Springs.

"Rante-rante ampe Marle and Urreye! (Safe, Respected and Free from Violence)” Projects Evaluation

This study evaluates two of the Tangentyere Council Aboriginal Corporation ’s primary prevention projects, Girls Can Boys Can and Old Ways are Strong , developed in partnership with Larapinta Child and Family Centre and italk Studios.

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Workshop participants in Lajamanu watching 'Change the Story'.

Tarngajuku Pangukujuku Pirrjirdi Channels of Hope: Adaptation of ‘Hopeful, Together, Strong’ Framework

Alongside Lajamanu community members, EQI supported World Vision Australia ’s Channels of Hope for Gender program to develop the Tarngajuku Pangukujuku Pirrjirdi framework to prevent palka (family)-based violence.

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Where do I begin my self-love journey?

Not sure what self-love looks like, or how you can put it into practice? You’re not alone. We know self-love is a personal experience and different for everyone. So we wanted to share our insights, process and learnings, we’ve gathered along the way...

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Photograph of three diverse people having a meeting, looking serious and deep in discussion. A young Asian woman is the focus, looking at her colleague, a young Black person with a short bleached afro. They hold notes and look like they're coming to a decision.

Gender equality is an organisational responsibility. All people should...

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Five diverse women of colour working collaboratively on a task. One woman is talking, two are writing, and two are listening. They look deep in concentration and about 25 - 35 years in age.

There’s no shortage of time management and efficiency tips on the internet...

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A flat-lay of eight pages from the Training of Trainers guidebook, including the cover, a section on lesson plans, some case studies and more.

Are you from the Victorian Public Sector? Confused about your new...

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