Two young people form diverse racial backgrounds marching peacefully for gender equality

The Equality Institute

We are a global feminist agency working to advance gender equality and end violence against women and girls.

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Our vision

A world in which diversity is celebrated, all people are respected, and power and resources are shared.

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Research & Learning

A doctor talking to a female patient about sexual and reproductive health

We promote shared learning and work to build the evidence base to better understand and address violence against women and girls in the Asia-Pacific region and globally.

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Creative Communications

Illustration of a coloured woman holding a large megaphone demanding for equal rights

We offer creatives services and produce cutting edge multi-media content to transform social norms, drive more effective research uptake and advocate for prevention.

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Policy & Advocacy

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Through strategic engagement and advocacy, including gender impact assessments and evaluations, we shape policy and practice, in Australia and internationally.

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Global Impact

We work all over the world, across multiple sectors and within governments, local and international NGOs, academia, multi-lateral agencies and with donors.

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Latest Projects

Research Priorities and Pathways for Progress: Mapping the Global Shared Research Agenda Against Australia's National Research Agenda was produced by The Equality Institute, in consultation with Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's ...

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The Tangentyere Women's Family Safety Group, with community champions and partners from Larapinta Child and Family Centre, Tangentyere Learning Centre, Connected Beginnings, and The Equality Institute. Photo taken at the launch of the research report on November 10th 2021 in Mparntwe/Alice Springs.

"Rante-rante ampe Marle and Urreye! (Safe, Respected and Free from Violence)” Projects Evaluation

This study evaluates two of the Tangentyere Council Aboriginal Corporation ’s primary prevention projects, Girls Can Boys Can and Old Ways are Strong , developed in partnership with Larapinta Child and Family Centre and italk Studios.

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Workshop participants in Lajamanu watching 'Change the Story'.

Tarngajuku Pangukujuku Pirrjirdi Channels of Hope: Adaptation of ‘Hopeful, Together, Strong’ Framework

Alongside Lajamanu community members, EQI supported World Vision Australia ’s Channels of Hope for Gender program to develop the Tarngajuku Pangukujuku Pirrjirdi framework to prevent palka (family)-based violence.

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Three traditional Vietnamese women, working in rice fields in the north of Vietnam

Sustainable Development Goals and Violence Against Women and Girls

Evidence suggests that unless we end violence against women and girls (VAWG) globally, we won’t achieve at least 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This paper explores the links between each of those 14 SDGs and VAWG.

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Cover of the Five-Year Organisational Vision & Strategy of EQI.

EQI’s Five-Year Organisational Vision and Strategy

As we celebrate our sixth anniversary and embark on the next five years, we present our 5-Year Organisational Vision and Strategy . This strategy serves as a roadmap to work towards our vision of a world in which diversity is celebrated, all people ...

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The Global Shared Research Agenda

The Sexual Violence Research Initiative / SVRI and The Equality Institute with support from funding partners Wellspring Philanthropic Fund and Sida , launched the world's first Global Shared Research Agenda (GSRA) on violence against women and girls ...

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Two women in brightly coloured dress walk down a street in India.

Making Progress in Prevention Possible

In partnership with UN Women, The Equality Institute developed a monitoring framework for the prevention of violence against women and girls in the Asia-Pacific region.

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What does bias look like, and why does it matter when we talk about gender equality?

“The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights." - Gloria Steinem

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We want to hear from you! Call us from Australia on (03) 7066 5421 , and ...

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A close-up photograph of a Christmas tree's brances with lights on it.

Are you stuck on what to get the people in your life? Do you value buying ...

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It’s 2030, and we’ve achieved each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals ...

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