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A red image full of repeated lines of text that reads Better Days Are Coming. In the bottom right corner, words in white stand out and read Hang In There.

Most of our core team at EQI is located in Melbourne, which means we’ve been living under...

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Illustration of a smartphone with a green battery in the screen on the left side, and a young, coloured boy calling an emergency line on the phone on the left side

COVID-19 has not only increased rates of domestic and family violence across the globe, but it has...

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Gendered norms mean that many women have become primary caregivers and are most likely to be...

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An outline map of Australia, half coloured in teal to represent the data percentages, with three different halthcare buildings coloured in pink inside

Gender & COVID-19: Frontline workers

Covid-19 / 14.05.2020

The majority of healthcare and social workers on the frontline are women, which means they are more...

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Illustration of three women from different ethnicities: an Indian, an Asian woman, and a colour woman holding up a child. In the middle, a Black, pregnant woman followed by a fat woman on the right side.

During emergency states and disease outbreaks, access to sexual and reproductive health services is...

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Family violence reports data information inside the outline of Australia map with the state of Victoria coloured in pink

COVID-19 has had harrowing impacts for women and girls experiencing violence across the globe....

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